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2022 International GeoBee

United States


The Int'l GeoBee is a virtual competition for students grades 1-8, to raise money for Ekal.

Hi, I’m Akshu Enaganti, a 10th grader from Detroit, Michigan, and have been working with Ekal for 4 years. 

I’m Paarth Sharma, a 9th grader from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and this is my second year working with Ekal.

Together, our mission is to fundraise for Ekal by running a virtual International GeoBee. We held the first International GeoBee last summer, and we had 50 participants from USA and India, and raised around 900 dollars. Both of us enjoyed the experience, and so we decided to host it again this year.


So, what exactly is a GeoBee? GeoBees[geography bees] are competitions where contestants compete for prizes by answering geography questions. Typically, GeoBees are held in multiple rounds, with each round having its own theme[such as the US, animals, or physical geography]. In each round, each student gets a question to answer and the highest cumulative scores are invited to the next rounds. We plan to implement a GeoBee as a DIY Fundraiser through EKAL, raising funds for digital education in rural areas of India.


We chose a GeoBee as the best fundraiser idea as this has been a passion of both of us for years now. Both of us have participated in GeoBees for the past 8 years. Geography has been both of our passions through our childhoods, and we thought hosting a GeoBee together would be the perfect way for us to fundraise for a good cause through doing something we love. 

By hosting this GeoBee fundraiser, students who missed opportunities to compete due to the  pandemic, can get the chance to test their geographic knowledge and learn so much more about our world. Competitors can receive prizes for performing great in the competition. It will be a fun experience for anyone who joins, regardless of where they finish, as they will be undoubtedly learning something new. Donating to our campaign will also help students in rural areas of India receive a better opportunity at education. 

If you wish to participate, the registration fee is $5-10 USD[depending on location]. For donations, any amount would be greatly appreciated. Even if you can’t donate, you can help us achieve our goal by sharing via social media, and by passing the word on to friends, family members, and others.  

Contact us at +1 [248] 678-8588 or +1 [269] 501-3119 with any questions or if you wish to participate!

We hope you support our campaign by participating or donating. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


Campaign by

Akshu Enaganti

$1,650 USD

Raised of $3,000 Goal

Campaign started: May 02, 2022
Campaign closed: January 01, 2023 (11:59 pm PST)



Ashburn , VA




Northville, MI




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Northville, MI


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