Vanyatra Experiences

Over the years Ekal has facilitated School visits, or Vanyatras for scores of supporters from across the world and India. These visits had a profound impact on the individuals who took time out to first hand experience Ekal at work across rural and tribal India. A few of their experiences are listed below to help motivate other supporters take participate in this enriching Vanyatra journey.


A Reach to Teach, by Samarth Kadaba, a Youth Volunteer. Karanjo GRC
December 2019

Four high school students from Los Angeles and Chicago embarked on an EKAL Vanayatra to the Karanjo GRC in Jharkhand, India from December 21th to December 30th 2019. This report presents their experiences and stories from their trip.

Shri Rameshbhai Shah and his wife Smt Kokilaben's visit at Kothagiri Sanch, near Coimbatore.

Shri Rameshbhai Shah and his loving wife Smt Kokilaben from Houston who are in Coimbatore along with a friend Smt Jyotsnaben Patel from Hartford Connecticut visited two schools in Kothagiri Sanch. They were accompanied by Ladies wing secretary Smt Kavita Maheshwari and Member Smt Rajeswari Ravikumar. The visit was coordinated by Sri Harish Karat and Ms. Pungodai ji from Coimbtore Ekal.

Ms.Sheetal Gupta visit at U.P. Mathura Chaumuha Sanch and Village.
January 8, 2018

Organised with Vijay Sethi Sir Ji (Ekal Delhi), Shri Parsuram Ji and Raviji (Ekal Mathura) For Ms.Sheetal Gupta (from Canada).

Yusra Syed, Karanjo Visit
September 2016

Karanjo was an unforgettable experience. I stayed there for 3 days and visited all the Ekal projects. One such project is Ekal on Wheels a bus equipped with computers that travels to different villagesto teach localfarmers how to use the computer.

Ekal Youth from New England
Feb 26, 2017

Youth Discussion panel lead by Dr. Meena Subramanian. The Power of Education Forum 2017

Education in Remote India Ekal Vidyalaya

A Vanyatra experience by Mr. Rodney Clark

Vanyatra by guests from China, Durthi Patel, Adish Jain and FTS
December 2015 to March 2016

Guests from china visited Ekal Vidyalayas in Jabalpur recently and were highly impressed by the working of Ekal schools. They informed that they too have such type of system in china and that the team leader himself had studied in such a school!

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