About Ekal India

Ekal India host all implementing organisations of the Ekal Abhiyan (Movement) out of which seven are national level organisations. Friends of Tribal Society (FTS) is first registered organisation of the movement founded in 1989 with registered office at Kolkata. Apart from FTS, six other national organisations of movement operate in India are: Bharat Lok Shiksa Parishad (BLSP), Delhi, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI), Delhi, Arogya Foundation, Mumbai, Gramothan Foundation, Delhi, Shri Hari Satsang Samiti(SHSS), Mumbai and Ekal Sansthan, Delhi. All these organisations have their several chapters all across India.

All these organisations work for a common Ekal vision under umbrella of Ekal Abhiyan Trust. FTS and BLSP relentlessly work to raise resources for schools, Gramothan Foundation works for integrated & holistic village development, Arogya Foundation works for health care, SHSS is responsible for promoting cultural heritage and Ekal Sansthan takes care of quality control, research & development, Media along with policy & advocacy. EVFI is responsible for judicious management of funds raised from outside India.

Apart from these national organisations, many state level organisations under the umbrella of Gram Sangthan, Lucknow work for supporting operations and for raising resources from local areas for schools to attain self reliance and promote ownership to ensure sustainability. Operations are managed by Executive Committees at national, state, division, district, block and village levels. Every Ekal village has an informal village level committee comprising of seven members. In India, Ekal is represented by an umbrella Abhiyan Trust, 7 national organisations, severalstate level organisations andExecutive Committees including 52000 plus village level committees.