What we do

Ekal on Wheels


Ekal on Wheels is a mobile computer lab that is taken into the villages to bring awareness about computers and provide basic digital literacy to the villagers. The program has proven to be highly effective in building self-confidence in the villagers. They no longer feel left out in the digital age. Ekal has partnered with the innovative Spoken Tutorials project developed at IIT Bombay, the premier higher educational institution in India to provide the training. The first bus was rolled out in Karanjo, Jharkhand in 2015. Hewlett Packard and India Today recognized this pioneering effort with the presentation of the Digital Trailblazer Award.


  • Covers three villages, provides six hours of training
  • Engages ~50
  • Graduates can earn up to Rs. 15,000/month

Planned Expansion

Jharkhand(2), Bihar(2), Assam(1), Uttarakhand(1), Uttar Pradesh(3), Gujarat(1), Maharashtra(1), Madhya Pradesh(3), Jammu and Kashmir(1), West Bengal (2), Rajasthan(2), Odisha(1)


Donation Needed: $70,000/Bus (One Time)

Covers Capital Expenditures and Operational Expenses for 3 years


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