Vanayatra - A Unique Experience

The "Vanayatra" is, by far, the most effective way to learn about Ekal schools and their programs on a firsthand basis.

The Program

General Description

The Vanayatra involves a one day road trip to see an Ekal School in session with the opportunity to interact with the children, teachers (Acharyas), villagers and Ekal workers (Karyakartas). In many villages the school teacher also serves as the basic health-care worker (Arogya Sevak/Sevika) and visitors will also be able to learn about varying aspects of the Ekal Movement, other than its primary schools.


Please note that the Vanayatra is designed to help the visitor both learn and experience Ekal Schools and programs first hand. This does not, however, involve any formal teaching of the students, as all instruction is based on the curriculum and defined methodology.


Additional Information

  • The distance and road conditions to reach Ekal School(s) in tribal/rural areas can vary depending on the location. The road trip could take from one to four hours and a part or major portion of the trip could be on un-paved roads. The National or Local Coordinator would provide further details, based on the particular location.
  • Generally speaking, the Vanayatra can be arranged in any part of the country where an Ekal school operates.  
  • Please note that Ekal Schools may be closed on Sundays or other days, as decided by the village committe. These closings are often based on local festivals, weekly markets or other important occasions for that particular community. The local coordinator will thus advise you about travelling to any particular area, taking these variables into consideration.

The Cost

The cost of transportation will be borne by the visitors and ranges around Rs. 2000 per day.

Regarding Overnight Stay

As a rule, the Vanayatra is a day trip and does not include an overnight stay. However, if that is desired, the visitor should discuss this with the coordinator ahead of time(see contact information below). Please be advised that any overnight stay can be arranged only if the required  location can meet comfort, food, health, sanitation, safety and other requirements the visitors may have.  Additional costs may be applicable for overnight trips.

Preliminary Communication

  • To streamline the procedure and logistics, all requests/queries regarding Vanayatra by visitors should be sent to local office of respective chapter.
  • The communication from all potential visitors will include instructions to carry drinking water, toilet paper, insect repellent, hand-sanitizer and any other necessary items.
  • The interested people if not able to locate a local chapter of FTS, BLSP, Ekal Sansthan, SHSS, Gramothan and Arogya, in that case they can write to


Final Confirmatory Step the Visitor needs to Take to Arrange Vanayatra

Any overseas visitor wishing to undertake the Vanayatra needs to call and confirm plans with Sri Ravidev Gupta (Secretary Ekal India) at +91-9818006185 and or Shri Harish Karat at +91-9994400697 and after reaching India, at least 3 days before the desired date of the Vanayatra. Details should include the number of visitors, their contact information while in India. and the desired area of the country.

Mr. Gupta or Shri Harish Karat will then provide the Visitor with the name and number of the Local Coordinator who will then contact them with further details and required information. The Visitor is requested to call Mr. Gupta/Shri Harish Karat back in 24 to 48 hours if the Local Coordinator has not contacted him/her by then.

We encourage you, your family and friends to undertake Vanayatra. It will truly be a positive and memorable experience of a life-time.

Vanyatra Experiences   Click here to visit an Ekal School
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