Vanayatra - A Unique Experience

To get to know and experience Ekal Schools and programs directly there is no better substitute than undertaking a "Vana-Yatra". We invite you for this pilgrimage which shall help you in having first-hand information about Ekal activities. It is rightly said that "seeing is believing".

The Program

General Description

Vanayatra is typically a whole day road trip to see Ekal Schools in session with the opportunity to interact with the children, Acharyas, villagers and Ekal Karyakartas. In many villages the school teacher also serves as the basic health-care worker (Arogya Sevak/Sevika) and the visitors will have the opportunity to get to know aspects of the Ekal Movement other than formal education.


Please note that Vanayatra is designed to help the visitor learn and experience Ekal Schools and programs first hand and does not involve the visitor formally teaching the students, which is based on a defined curriculum and methodology.

If the poor child cannot come to school, school must go to him.

Additional Information

  • Vanayatra can be arranged in any part of India, where Ekal schools operate.
  • The distance and road conditions to reach Ekal School(s) in tribal/rural area can vary depending on the location. The car-ride could take 1 to 4 hours and a part or major portion of the trip could be on un-paved roads. The Yatra Coordinator could provide you the details based upon the location chosen.
  • Please note that Ekal Schools may be closed on Sundays or other days, depending upon local festivals, weekly markets or other important occasions for the particular village community. The local coordinator will inform you of the advisability of the trip to a particular area on the desired days taking these variables into consideration.

The Cost

Our work being solely dependent on donations, entire incidental expenses incurred in the proposed trip will be borne by the visitors which may range around Rs. 2000-2500 per day.

Regarding Overnight Stay

Generally, Vanayatra is a day trip and does not include over night stay. However, if overnight stay is desired the visitor should discuss this with the coordinator well in advance (see contact information below).Overnight stay can be arranged only if the desired location can meet comfort, food, health, sanitation, safety and other requirements of the visitors.

Preliminary Communication

Any overseas visitor wishing to undertake the Vanayatra needs to fill up the form, minimum 15 days in advance (it is mandatory) (once the form is received, within 72 hours they will be provided with the name and number of the Local Coordinator who will take care of their visit.

To streamline the procedure and logistics, all requests/queries regarding Vanayatra by overseas visitors should be directed through their country’s Ekal office.

Knowledge is nothing but finding unity in the midst of diversity.

Emergency Contact in India

If, however, you are not able to contact the local coordinator due to any reason, or don’t receive any communication from him within 48 hours of your communication, don’t hesitate to call any of the following:

  1. Sri Harish Karat, Global Vanyatra coordinator EVFI at or +91-9994400697
  2. Sri Ravi Dev Gupta, Gen. Secretary, EVFI at or +91-9818006185

Post-Visit Communication

We would appreciate to receive the attached 'Feedback form' duly filled alongwith some photographs for our records & necessary action, if any.

We encourage you, your family and friends to undertake Vanayatra, which will truly be a positive and memorable life-time experience.


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