Integrated Village Development

In the last decade since the advent of effective communications technologies and learning tools, there is a prominent shift towards expanding the scope of literacy from primary school education to an all inclusive charter for adult literacy, healthcare, preventive medicine, access to markets; enabling people to make informed decisions for their own and their families well being.

The Integrated Villages Program focuses on a comprehensive effort towards self sustainable smart villages, adopting 30 villages in a specific geography and integrating communications and operational channels for maximum impact.

Where We Work

Integrated Village Development is currently active in 18 clusters around India.

  • 30

    Villages in a cluster

  • 270,000

    People impacted

Data as of June 2023

Operational Planned

Our Tactical Approach towards Integrated Villages

With a goal to create centers of economic activity, Ekal has created a hub and spoke model for implementation and monitoring. 13 Community Resource Centers serve 50,000 people in 100 villages, with a cumulative total of over 1 million.

The Centers have become the go to resource for villagers to learn sustainable farming, micro-entrepreneurship, gain access to markets and become vibrant centers for rural innovation, creating systemic indigenous solutions.


Education is Ekal’s flagship program. Since 1989, the organization has brought literacy and economic opportunity to over 10 million students in 102,000 villages and tribal areas in rural India.


Telemedicine Enhanced Healthcare is a community program that provides rural communities with critical medical services and preventive health education.


Ekal takes a 360 degree view to ensure primary school education links with high school and enables job creation within every village's ecosystem.