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Enabling education for tribal children

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Campaign Start: July 24, 2023

Campaign Ends: December 31, 2023

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    Srihari Rajesh

Please help enable education for tribal children. Education is the ever lasting gift one can offer.

Hi, my name is Srihari and I am a high school student in Pennsylania USA. As I have gone through school and volunteered in various organizations where I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach others, I developed massive appreciation for education. I am starting this campaign to increase awareness and raise money for one of the things I value the most in life: education. 

With your contribution, children in tribal areas, will be one step closer to receiving education. With $365 one school in a tribal area with 30-35 students will be supported for a year. My goal is to raise enough to support three such schools. 

By supporting, you will be empowering children in tribal areas and furthering advancement of these areas. 

Please consider supporting my campaign. Any small amount helps!