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Support education in Tribal India

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Campaign Start: November 02, 2020

Campaign Ends: December 31, 2023

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    Sanjay Datta

Please help spread education and Indian values in distant and hard to reach tribal areas.

Short Summary

My name is Sanjay Datta and i call Southern California home for last two decades,  with my family based in India we support many initiatives focused on educational needs of underprivileged childrens.

Southern California is home to large Indian Americans working in Tech and releated sector and are part of various community based orginisations [NGOs], My wife is a Director in one such NGO working on lingustic education for Indian Americans, When it comes to supporting education in India most of us are hindered by lack of awareness and existence of organisation like Ekal Vidyalaya and channel funds through either Govt entities or private india based NGOs. There are couple of problems with this approach. 


  • Overseas Indian and state agencies may not be 501 c3 eligible due to which contributions typically are very limited.
  • There is lack of clarity on how the funds are used and typically send to general fund with a note asking the funds to be used for specific purpose.
  • Many Indian Americans work in organisations which match employee contribution dollar on dollar and these are not fully utilized. 



What You Need & What You Get

Please consider donating a small amount monthly, the amount can be as small as $10 which would be equal to a trip to Starbucks or to a fastfood joint. If you are part of a organisation please consider following oppurtunities which your employer may support.


  • Matching gifts: Matching gifts are a type of corporate giving program that essentially double an individual donors’ contribution to this eligible nonprofit. 
  • Volunteer grants: Individual or team volunteer grants are corporate giving programs that monetarily reward the time that volunteers spend at a nonprofit. Once volunteers have reached a certain number of service hours, they can submit a request for a volunteer grant to their employers.
  • Corporate grants: Corporate grants are lump sums of money that a company or corporate foundation will issue to a nonprofit on an annual or semi-annual basis.
  • In-kind donations: In-kind donations are contributions of products or services that companies and businesses will give to a nonprofit in lieu of a cash contribution.


The Impact

This campaign will fund education in Indian tribal areas where Govt agencies have not been able to make inroads. Tribals or Adivasi constitute nearly 9 percent of Indian population but have been lagging in education and consequently economically. Schooling will help tribals secure political and economical benefits and retain their cultural heritage.

Science is turning to Amazons of the world for herbs and natural cure , if Indian Adivasis are schooled in their natural habitat generational knowledge which they have inherited from their forefothers will be retained while enabling them to implement policies more in aligned to co habitation with forests.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please consider sharing this campaign via WhatsApp, LinkedIn and facebook. your post will enable your friends discover this worthy initiative and they will feel get a feeling of accomplishments when they will do their part.


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