The Event

Saturday, August 14, 2021
12:00pm - 6:00pm

Special Notes

Time: August 14, 2021 from 12 PM - 6 PM Eastern
Registration Close Date: August 12, 2021
Course Fee: $15 USD per student

Our team

The Pittsburgh Ekal Youth Chapter and SHARP (FRC Team 3260) teamed up to complete their goals of spreading STEAM and education.

Here’s brief information about the organizations EKAL & SHARP

Ekal Mission: 
Ekal Vidyalaya is a Movement involved in integrated & holistic development of rural & tribal India and Nepal. The main activity undertaken in this movement is to run one-teacher schools [known as Ekal Vidyalayas] all over India, in the remotest rural & tribal villages to take the education to every child. The overriding philosophy of Ekal Vidyalaya Movement is to take a holistic approach of social and economic development to Tribal & Rural India that is Bharat and Nepal. With the participation of numerous trusts and non-profit organizations, this movement has become the largest grassroots level non-governmental education & development movement that operates in the remote villages of India and Nepal .The Ekal movement aims to help eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal India and Nepal following the philosophy of rural development based on the criteria of equality & inclusiveness across all the sections of the society.


Team 3260, SHARP is a FIRST robotics team run out of the Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club in the Northside of Pittsburgh with the help of our generous sponsors, and we strive to do community outreach across the Pittsburgh Area. In keeping with the Vision of Sarah Heinz House, our belief is that “all children in our community will achieve personal success, dream big, and impact their world in positive ways.” While we are a competitive high school robotics team who is dedicated to building high quality robots, in our community, we are also committed to building character, creating a positive environment for learning, spreading STEM, an appreciation of engineering and FIRST, and encouragement for youth to grow as leaders and educators within a globally-minded, service-oriented context.


What is our mission plan? 

Our mission is to run an enjoyable Hack-a-thon event while teaching STEAM to youth across the nation. Along with providing this experience, we would like to raise $10,000 for digital education in Ekal Schools.

Why do a Hack-a-thon of all things? 

1) We specifically chose a Hack-a-thon because they require a variety of skills, ranging from in-depth computer knowledge to simple drawings. Essentially, this type of event can teach kids abouts lots of topics at the same time, which is not easily found in other events.

2) STEAM is a growing interest, so a Hack-a-thon is a great way of raising money to provide STEAM related opportunities to the less fortunate through digital education.

What benefit does this provide to Ekal and SHARP? 

1) Through SHARP, we will spread awareness about Ekal’s noble work to numerous ethnic communities and in the large FIRST community.

2) All the fees collected will be donated to EKAL for digital education in EKAL schools in India.

What goals beyond Ekal and FIRST Robotics do we want to achieve? 

1) We want to encourage students of a variety of ages to learn more about the importance of education and STEAM.

2) We want to provide kids ages 10-18 with a fun virtual activity during the summer.

        1) There will be 2 categories for the Hackathon: Grades 5-7 and Grades 8-12.

How do we plan to achieve those goals? 

1) We are meeting once to twice a week to organize this event.

2) We are creating interest in this Hack-a-thon by creating a club at our school to get Upper St. Clair students to help along with neighboring high schools.

3) We plan to provide incentives to participate in the Hack-a-thon through sponsorships and a club budget.

4) We plan to contact companies that are focused on skills that we plan to offer.

5) We plan to advertise our hackathon a few months before our event through family, friends, schools, sponsors, and social media accounts.

Schedule and Coursework:


1) There will be FREE preparatory workshops offered to Hack-a-thon participants prior to the Hack-a-Thon to teach the skills that will be used in the Hack-a-thon. These workshops will be led by both SHARP and EKAL members.


2) Please head to to learn more about the workshops and the teachers.

3) June 14 - June 18: CAD workshop : 4-6 PM EST

      1) Tinker Cad: 5th-7th graders

      2) Onshape Cad: 8th-12th graders

3) June 21 - June 25: OS Workshop: 5-7 PM EST

      1) 5th-12th graders

4) June 28 - July 2: Data Science Workshop: 5-7 PM EST

      1) Basic Data Science: 5th - 7th graders

      2) Data Science with Python: 8th - 12th graders

5) July 5 - July 9: Programming Workshop: 5-7 PM EST

      1) Block programming: 5th-7th graders

      2) Python: 8th-12th graders

About the Tutors:

We have a team of dedicated Ekal youth and SHARP Robotics members working on successful workshops and a successful Hack-a-thon. All the teachers for the workshops have proficient knowledge about STEAM and have successfully completed similar tasks within the workshops in either school or robotics environments.  To learn more about Tutors, please visit the website

DIY page link:

Hackathon website:

How to participate?

1) When signups appear on the Ekal website, be sure to sign up as soon as possible to participate in the Hack-a-thon and have a chance to win prizes of up to $150.

2) If you sign up for the Hack-a-thon, you will be able to participate in workshops held by SHARP and the Pittsburgh Youth Chapter for FREE

3) Email if you have any questions.

How can you help with the Hack-a-thon?

1) The best way you can help is by spreading the word. We want to give as many kids as possible access to this great opportunity.

2) It is only $15 to participate in the Hack-a-thon and the cost includes the many workshops we have to offer

3) Teams of up to 6 people can be formed, so join with Friends!

For support:,, and


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