Newsletter August 2006

Schools & Children

Current: Number of Ekal Schools: 18,225 Number of Children: 546,750


Inauguration of EVF Hongkong

EV GLOBAL inaugurated its HONGKONG CHAPTER on 29th July 2006 at Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

The Chairman of EV Global, Dr B. K. Modi and the Chairman of EVF India, Sri Subhash Chandra presided over the function and inspired the gathering. During the function honorable Consulate General of India, Shri B. K. Gupta stressed the need of Education for the poor for the growth of India and inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. 

Smt Veena Modi, Smt Madhu Fatehpuria,Smt Kunji Bhansali, Smt Sangita Gupta, Shri Jitu Bhai Bhansali and Shri Praveen Pandya of India EKAL Chapters were also present on this occasion. 

The Chairman of EVF Hong Kong, Shri Bupen Surani and the President of EVF Hong kong, Shri Sohan Goenka welcomed the guests of honor and all others present on the occasion. 

As per the information furnished by the Secretary of EVF Hong Kong, Shri Nanda Kombiyil, they were able to get sponsorship for 2182 schools on the day of occasion and expected to touch 5000 Schools soon. 

The Patron of EVF Hong Kong, Shri K. P. DaswaniI gave vote of thanks to the attendees and requested to sponsor the Schools generously for this noble cause. 

Everybody was overwhelmed by the success of the chapter and congratulated the members of EVF Hong Kong Chapter for this great success. 

There was a jubilant of Joy in India also after hearing the news. As EV Movement is a peoples movement and we want every Indian living in India or Abroad to join hands in the movement to eradicate illiteracy from Indian Tribal Villages.


Raising the Money for Ekal in USA

An example how EVF USA raised the money for Ekal from Star Accounting department. 

Thank you all who contributed. 

With your efforts, we were able to meet our goal of $365.00 of which will pay for an entire year of schooling; while Star also made an equal contribution, providing enough for two schools to be taken care of for the coming year.

What a nice cause, not to mention great idea, and we thank you all for your generous contributions!

Natalie Duran Ariz
Star Pipe Products
Credit Manager

Phone: 281-582-8443
Fax: 281-368-5370

In lieu of celebrating Pauline & Kirthi's birthday this month by our normal lunch plans, Kirthi has suggested that we contribute to an education program in India instead. The cost is nominal, but with major impact to the students that it reaches. Please note that this is in no means an obligation, but rather a request on behalf of our birthday group this month. If (and only if) you would like to contribute, I will be collecting the donations. For example, you can give $5, $10, $20, or whatever amount you are most comfortable with.

Thank you & Happy Birthday Pauline & Kirthi!


Pooja Batra (Bollywood Actress) has been supporter of Ekal Vidyalaya

Actress Pooja Batra may have settled abroad, but the actress makes it a point to return to India once in a while and help make a difference. Pooja has been a supporter of Ekal Vidyalaya – a charitable institution for sometime now. The NGO addresses the needs of primary education in the villages of India, and Batra presented the organisation’s goal to several potential sponsors. The response, we hear, was great. The fundraisers managed to collect money enough to run as many as 900 schools in India for a year. Pooja says, “We can all pay back in our little way something to Mother India and show her our sincere gratitude. It’s important to do something worthwhile for those who need it the most, and this is my little way of saying ‘Thank you India!’” Thank you, Pooja!

- Published in Times of India.


Gram Vikas Yojna (Village Development Plan)

GRAM VIKAS Yojna is a year old Yojna.For future projects we are planning to have facilities for the local artisans skill and industrial training centers for the Adivasis. At present we are working on projects as, vermi-compost, water conservation, plantation, horticulture and self help group.


Arogya Yojna (Health Awareness Plan)

We have one dedicated training centre called National Arogya Training Centre (NATC) at Medikeri for Arogya Sanch Nirikshika (Arogya Supervisor taking care of 30 villages) for South India and another NATC for Central India shall be starting in October, 2006. at Makshi (M.P) . We welcome the participation of physicians at these centers.


Ekal Global Learning Tour (EGLT)

Itinerary of Ekal Global Learning (EGL) for Ranchi (Jharkhand) is given below. If you are interested to join on any date please write us at
Period: January 1 to January 9, 2007
01.01.07Reach Kolkata by 6 PM & Train for Ranchi at 9 PM
02.01.07VANYATRA - Jharkhand
03.01.07VANYATRA - Jharkhand
03.01.07Orientation - Bishanpur - School Working
05.01.07Orientation - Bishanpur - Sanch Working
06.01.07Orientation - Ranchi - Anchal Working
07.01.07Orientation - Chakradharpur - Swavalamban Working
08.01.07Orientation - Chakradharpur - Arogya & Gram Vikas
08.01.07Departure for Kolkata at 8 PM
09.01.07Orientation - Kolkata - Chapter Working
09.01.07Departure in the Evening from Kolkata
Itinerary Cost: (Approximate)
Full Package IRs 11,000 - Kolkata to Kolkata (Jan 1-9)
Full Package IIRs 10,000 - Ranchi to Kolkata (Jan 2-9)
Vanyatra Package IIIRs 4,000 - Kolkata to Ranchi (Jan 1- 4)
Vanyatra Package IVRs 3,000 - Ranchi to Ranchi (Jan 2- 4)

Vanyatra by Sri Navin Kaushal:
In June 2006, Sri Navin Kaushal from USA visited an Ekal Vidyalaya at Badipur Village of Bharatpur district (Rajasthan). He was very much pleased to see the Samskar and learning attitude of Ekal Children at Ajmer.


All India Nagar Mahila Sangathan Varga at Bangalore


Akhil Bharatiya Nagar Mahila Sangathan Varg was held in the Maheshwari Bhavan Banglore on the 15th&16th July,2006.

135 ladies from 23 cities participated. These consisted of 80 ladies from 10 chapters, 47 women from 11 anchals and 8 workers from the kendriya toli. 

The Varg sessions were 8 in number extended over the two days. In our midst the well known Karnataka theatre "RANGA SHANKARA" artist and film star Mrs. Arundhati Nag was present. She was greatly impressed by the working OF the Ekal Vidyalay Movement and has kindly offered her services to the organization The welcome speech was made by Mrs Sushila Rathi [President of the Mahila Banglore Chapter] 

Sessions consisted of the PHULWARI YOJANA [Sevapatra], UPAHAR YOJANA [sankranti and vastu sangrah] VICHAR GOSTHI [where ladies exchanged their views on how to manage social responsibilities without disturbing family responsibilities], AROGYA SAMANVAY working and the SANRAKSHAK PARIVAR YOJANA . All the 80 ladies from the 10 chapters took active part in the discussions and the end result was a healthy exchange of many fruitful ideas. 

The function had its lighter moments too. A tribal dance was beautifully rendered by Trishala Bajla and a small skit was enacted by the FTS ladies wing. The skit "Bharat ka Swarg" was written and directed by FTS member Kalawati Rathi based on the FTS movement. This was followed by an antakshari competition Sri Rameshwarlalji Kabra, popularly known as Babuji, and of course our very own Sri Shyamji were present there. We were really fortunate to get a chance to be guided by the animated and soul stirring talks by Sri Rameshwarlalji Kabra.

The presentation of the event and programme was well appreciated by all the invites and members present 

Convenor- Smt. Darshana Rathi.


15th Chapter Opening of FTS

Fifteenth chapter of Friends of Tribals Society is going to be opened at Tata Nagar August 13, 2006.


Solo Play - Tulsi by Shekhar Sen

A solo play - Tulsi will be played by Shekhar Sen on Saturday August 5, 2006 at Talkatora Stadium at 6:00 PM, New Delhi. That play is based on Goswami Tulsi Das. 

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