Newsletter August 2016

Ekal touches ASEAN shores

EKAL has set foot again in ASEA region in Bangkok, Thailand on 9th July 2016 next to Hong Kong chapter. Dr.Subhash Chandra was Chief Guest and the Indian Ambassador in Thailand was the guest of honor. A musical cultural programme was organised followed by an introductory film and presentation. The event was addressed by Ekal Global Chairman Dr Subhash Chandra, Ekal CEO Bajrang Lal Bagra and Mentor Shyam ji Gupta. Shri Susheel Sarraf took on himself the onerous responsibility to launch Ekal in Thailand. An Executive Committee has been set up to take the chapter forward in regular manner heralding Ekal presence in ASEAN region in a sustainable manner.


APPATHON at Boston University SHA

The term ‘Hackathon’ might be familiar to those in the computer programming world. With a similar philosophy, Professor Anil Saigal thought of organizing an ‘Appathon’. This idea became a reality and was held on July 9th, 2016 at the Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (SHA), facilitated by Dean Dr. Arun Upneja. Ekal Youth Leaders (EYL) from New England shaped this event into a mobile app building workshop and competition. With no prior programming experience required, the event was open to everyone of eight years and above.  Using ‘Thunkable’, a drag and drop mobile application platform (a project created by Arun Saigal, treasurer of Ekal Bay Area Chapter), participants learned how to create applications. During the lunch break, they were asked to pick teammates and brainstorm their ideas for the competition. 16 teams worked on their ideas and presented later in the day. The participants created interesting applications, useful in many ways, some especially targeted for villages in India. The out-of-the-box ideas by the participants gave judges a hard time to arrive at the winners! All funds raised from the event contribute to benefitting Ekal Vidyalayas.


Noble gestures of two siblings

Two siblings, Akul and Amirtha, organized a bake sale in order to raise funds for Ekal. Let's hear from them:
“My name is Akul Chennakesavan and I am in 8th grade. I am 14 years old and I live in Groton, MA. I decided to donate to Ekal Vidyalaya because I wanted kids who live in rural/tribal areas all over India and Nepal to have the opportunity to get a great education. We raised most of the money needed for one school for one year by organizing a bake sale. During spring break, my sister Amirtha Gowri and I made and sold many different kinds of baked goods, such as brownies and chocolate chip cookies. We created fliers and distributed them to our neighbors. We also made a poster to display our bake sale and to attract passersby so that other people, not just our neighbors, could help us with our bake sale fundraiser. Besides the bake sale, we raised money in various other ways, such as taking care of our neighbors’ pets. In my free time, I like bike riding and playing outside. I am an active Boy Scout and I also play the piano and mridangam. For the past six years I have been a part of “Young Einstein’s Science Club” (YESC) in Acton, MA. I will also be participating in the North South Foundation (NSF) National Science Bee this August in Tampa Bay. This will be the fourth time that I am attending the national science bee.”


Exhibition by FTS Mumbai Mahila Samiti

A successful exhibition was organized at NSCI SVP stadium on 1st and 2nd July'16.The phenomenal turnout was of great encouragement to our members. The hard work put in was amply rewarded and helped us to raise funds for our organization.


Kendriya Karyakari Mandal Inaugural ceremony

BLSP had organized inaugural program of Kendriya Karyakari Mandal KKM of Ekal Abhiyan on 03.07.16 (Sunday) at Maharaja Agrasen Bhawan, D Block, Ashok Vihar, Phase I, New Delhi.


Environment Day & Yoga Day

The above are the environment day and yoga day celebration pictures conducted in Belattimattam village Ooty Anchal,Kotagiri sanch and Idukki Sanch.


VanYatra to EKAL school at Queen Solai, Kotagiri, TN

(A note from NayanTara Mallubhotla of 7th Grade in US who visited the school with her father.)
What I saw: I saw many little and big children all coming together with minds and hearts open, ready to learn and succeed in life.
What I understood about EKAL school: I came to know that many of these schools exist, and they need help to sustain and give education to those kids who need a basic education.
What I liked about the Visit: I liked seeing the joy on their faces when they found out visitors had come. I think they were so happy because not many people would take time to visit them.
What I learnt from going there: I learnt that not every child is privileged enough to go to a proper school, and that these kinds of schools need help and support as well.
What I liked about the kids/students: I liked that all students were ready and excited to start the school day and learn, even though they knew visitors had come to visit their school.
Any highlights: A wonderful speech made about women’s rights made with such energy and emotion. Although I could not understand this or any of the prayers, I could tell they were spoken from the heart and they were not just recited out of a book. I really liked how much respect they had for parents, and in the US, I wouldn’t have seen those manners.


Vanyatra by guests from London

A vannyatra was organized in the villages of  Sultanwa , Mauja Haroharpur , Sanch / Block Chaka , Yamunapaar , Prayag / Allahabad. Guests from London joined the local students in planting 50 saplings and the group had some good time interacting with each other.


Vanyatra by guests from USA

Similarly, a vanyatra to Pillakavu,  Ekal vidyalaya in Wayanad District was made by Sri Sridhar Rao and his family from USA. They are active donors and volunteers of EKAL in Orlando, USA.


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