Newsletter August 2019

Ekal Canada forms EYPA

Ekal Young Professionals Association (EYPA) is an attempt to provide young professionals an opportunity for service, and to know and form associations with other young professionals. EYPA is a group of professionals interested to serve the society in various ways, primarily the people living in remote villages of India through the medium of Education. It is an excellent opportunity for the young professionals to get to know each other and network together for the common good.

Those who are interested, be in touch with Shri Jayant Borana at or


Registration for 'Medical Externship' open

HFRI has successfully completed three years of “Medical Externship”, by taking pre-medical and medical students from various colleges across the United States to India, exposing them to Indian medical system, common tropical and infectious diseases, village health, exposure to Yoga and its impact on physical, mental and medical diseases, cultural exposure and spiritual uplifting. These trips have been very rewarding and fabulous experiences for both students and organizers.

HFRI is ready to offer this program again for 2019-2020. Visit the website for the details for Externship program. If there is any questions, do not hesitate to call Dr Veena S Gandhi, (856) 435-9148 or Dr Hasmukh Shah at (815) 441-0559.Students will be selected on first come first serve basis.


Sydney University student stayed at Ekal village for 10 days

Ms Maydi, agriculture student from Sydney University stayed at Bengabaad village for 10 days to learn about Ekal’s working in villages and agricultural practices. She had also visited few nearby villages during the time, meeting Ekal students and other villagers and got good feedback about Ekal and its contributions.


Elak alumni won medals at International events for India

Chandan Kumar was not interested in studies. Further to the repeated invites by Ekal Acharya, Shri Prabhu Pal of his village - Jageshwar Dham in eastern Utter Pradesh, who went to his house everyday, Chandan joined Ekal Vidyalaya. Seeing Chandan’s interest in sports, Shri Prabhu Pal shared a lot of success stories in sports, with him. This inspired Chandan to take up Karate as his sport. He trained himself well and won Silver medal at an International Event in 2013, representing India. He later won a bronze in Nepal International Karate event for India. He dedicate this success to Ekal Vidyalaya but for which he would not have achieved this, he feels.


Arogya camp at Varanasi

Arogya Foundation of India along with NMO conducted a training for health coordinators at Varanasi. The high profile medical team suggested Ekal Karyakarthas to create herbal medical gardens.


Ekal Bhawan at Guwahati

Ekal North-East has got a new building for its working in Guwahati which was inaugurated recently.


FTS Chennai team visit Salem Anchal

Shri Shyam Sundar Damani, Shri Mahendra Motha and Shri Naveen Agarwal visited Salem Anchal where they met the Anchal samithi headed by Shri Vijayshankar. Later the team visited Horur sanch to monitor the effectiveness of digital training through tablets.


Shri Amar Nadig and Global Foundries families visit Ekal village in Mysore

Family members of Global Foundries in Bangalore and Shri Amar Nadig from US went on a vanyatra to two Ekal villages in Mysore Anchal - BR Kaval and Chikkaballapur. They were happy with the feedback from the villagers about Ekal.


Joy of learning @ Ekal Village

- Ms Mahima Desai

On July 7, 2019, I visited an Ekal Vidyalaya for the first time. Going to Pakadkuva and seeing the class of first through fifth graders really opened my eyes. They didn’t have much, a rug to sit on and a small temple for morning prayers, but more importantly they did have a strong joy of learning. They were so happy for a chance to learn math and prayers. I remember when we asked the students whether they wanted to go to America when they got older, nobody did. They are proud of where they are from, and they want to build a better life in their home country rather than move away to escape those problems.

They also knew how important education is to their future, something that I did not understand until I was much older. I was amazed by their determination to learn math, dedication to practice Hindu values, and the maturity and respect with which they approached their teacher and any visitors. Ekal Vidyalaya means “one school”, and as I saw on my visit, just one school can make a lifetime’s difference for these students. This organization is doing the most important work by providing a strong base of prayers and mathematics for students who wouldn’t have access to it otherwise. With a foundation, they can continue to climb to a higher education. The worldwide cycle of poverty can only be broken by education, and I hope that the students I saw in Pakadkuva in Tapi, Gujarat will keep learning until they can lead successful and fulfilled lives.


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