Newsletter February 2005

Ekal Vidyalaya to the Aid of Tsunami Victims in India

Shri Satyendra Prakash, President, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India , Shri Anil Jaju, Secretary, Friends of Tribals Society and Swamiji visited Cuddalore district's most affected areas where Ekal Vidyalayas are running.

The following items for 400 families,were distributed, of which food items were delivered within 48 hours to the Tsunami sufferers of 5 villages in Cuddalore districts where our Ekal Vidyalayas exist -

Bed sheets, Garments, Tiffin, Supper, Aasan, Plates, Plastic, Towel, Pulses, Rice, Biscuits, Blankets, Spoons, Glasses, Mugs, Buckets, Stoves, Milk Powder, Pan (Kadahi), Tirpal (Tent) and Medicines.

None of Ekal children lost their lives in Tsunami, however 4 have been orphaned as they lost their parents.



Village 1 # Kumarpettai
Population of this village is 500. Total 164 families affected in which 32 houses were totally damaged and 134 partially damaged. 26 houses plots are given by Government 2 cents each. Ramaining 6 houses are to be built. Approx. 256 sqr. Feet cost of 1 house goes to Rs. 3.5 lac.
Praveena, Village Teacher
U. Veni, Upsanch Pramukh
Nearly 23 boats are urgently required. 3 boats in this village are given by Nav Sarjan Pratishthan, Mumbai. Cost of 1 fiber boat comes to Rs. 1.5 lac.
Village 2 # Velingiraipattna
Population of this village is 485. Total 119 houses are permanent and 21 tenants. Total houses damaged completely are 25. 10 houses are allotted temporary shelters. Rest are immediate needed.
Death toll 6, in which Ekal Vidyalaya Acharya, Madhi's Mother also passed away. She doesn't have father also. At least 5 boats in this village are urgently needed and houses are to be built.
Ms. Madhi, Village Teacher
Village 3 # Pudukuppam
Population of this village is 1850. Total houses damaged 324. families affected 421. 63 houses totally washed away. 110 partially damaged. Remaining families articles have gone. This is most affected area, where the death toll was highest in this district. Total 126 people died, in which 103 from village and 23 came from outside.
Sewa Bharti has taken responsibility for repairing engines of the boats for this village and boats will be repaired by on more NGOs. Urgent requirement for this village is fishing nets for 69 boats. Cost of this net is Rs. 10000/- per boat. Total appx. Rs. 6.9 lac are needed by which their daily livelihood can start.
Nearly 7 children have become orphan in this village. In that below age 15 are 5 and 2 are 19-20.
- Kalaivani, Village Teacher
Village 4 # Chinnoor
Population is 800. Total families are 272. 17 people died. Nearly 21 cuttamarans were damaged and 38 fiber boats. Cost of 1 cuttamaran with engine and fishing net comes to Rs. 92000.
- Ranjani, Village Teacher
Village 5 # Puddupettai
Population is appx 500. Total families affected 87. They have lost their houses also.
- Sudha, Village Teacher
 Village Population Total Family Affected Family/House/PeopleREQUIREMENTS
 1. Kumarpettai 500  164 families 6 Houses Rs. 21 lac
 (@ Rs. 3.5 lac per house)
     23 fiber boats Rs. 34.5 lac
 (@ Rs. 1.5 lac per fiber boat)
 2. Velingiraipattna 485 140 35 houses 21 fiber boats

 Rs. 31.5 lac
 (@ Rs. 1.5 lac per fiber boat)

 3. Pudukuppam 1850  421 families 324 houses 126 people died Fishing nets for 69 boats Rs. 6.9 lac
 (@ Rs. 10,000 per net)
 4. Chinnoor 800 272 21 cuttamarans damaged 21 cuttamarans Rs. 19.32 lac
 (@ Rs. 92000 per cuttamaran
    28 fiber boats damaged 28 fiber boats

 Rs. 42 lac
 (@ Rs. 1.5 lac per fiber boat)

    17 people died  
 5. Puddupettai 500  87 families 12 fiber boats Rs. 18 Lac
 @ Rs. 1.5 Lac per fiber boat
    5 Ekal Vidyalayas 5 Ekal Vidyalayas Rs. 6.25 lac
(@ Rs. 1.25 lac per vidyalaya)


Schools & Children

Current Number of Ekal Schools: 13,902


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