Newsletter July 2022

Bloomington's EKAL youth head visit Ekal Vidyalaya

Avani Raj, Ekal Youth Head, Bloomington
I’m Avani Rai, a rising senior in Bloomington, IL. I’ve been a part of EKAL youth for 9 years and serve on the National team and as Bloomington’s EKAL youth head. Just wanted to share my experience visiting an Ekal school!

During my India trip with my family this year, one of the most memorable parts of our visit was visiting an Ekal school in Nepal.

*This is a unique Ekal school as it isn’t in a rural area, but rather serves to teach supplemental and samskar centered learning after school in the slums of Kathmandu.*

We had the chance to witness the great educational and cultural schooling that Ekal has given to these kids who otherwise would not have such opportunities. Although we were only able to spend a few hours at the school, it was great to spend time and talk with the children.

*Afterwards, we also had the chance to meet with board members of Ekal Nepal, where I was able to connect with Nepal’s Ekal Youth Leaders and share and gain ideas regarding Ekal Youth, which I’m looking forward to working with our youth team to implement!*

Ultimately it was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have visited an Ekal school. Will definitely do it again the next time I visit!


From snowy hills to sea shore, from borders to internal areas, Ekal Yoga Divas celebrated with great efforts and enthusiasm.


Shabri basti summer camp

- Jyoti Pansari,
Vanbandhu Parishad – Mahila Samiti, Surat
FTS Mahila Samiti, Surat organized a summer camp from May 2 to May 24 for Shabri Basti children in the campus of Advance Skill Center in which about 100 children participated Children were taught  Art & Craft, Dance, Self Defense, Good Touch/Bad Touch, Mind Games, Vedic Maths/Abacus  Phoenix, Career Counselling.Everyone enthusiastically participated in music classes. Fun-day was celebrated by calling the parents of all the children on the last day. Refreshments were provided to parents and were given awareness ingovernment schemes. The children and parents were very much delighted with this program.


Ekal Shrihari Rath inauguration at Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu by Shri Shyamji Gupt and Shri Vimruthanandha of Sri Ramakrishna Muth, Tanjore


E-Shiksha launched in Viruddachalam Anchal, Tamilnadu

E-Shikha was launched in Viruddachalam Anchal of Tamilnadu in June this year by Shri Shyamji Gupt. 30 villages of Annagram Sanch were provided with Tablets.

The event was well attended by all the Full-time workers of Anchal and Sanch, Gram samiti members and Acharyas.


Tamil version of Acharya Margadharshika was launched in Chennai on 29th June by Shri Shyamji Gupt


FTS, Surat members visit Gramothan centre

- Brijmohan Agarwal
President, Ekal Gramothan Foundation, Surat
Shri Kamlesh Shah from US along with west zone chairman Shri Vinod Agrawal visited Gatib village in Jaran sanchof Bharuch anchal.
They interacted with children who were getting training in computers through Ekal on wheels. The children were very happy as they were saving time and money because of EOW.
They then visited and interacted with trainees of the stitching centre and computer centre in IVD Dediypada.
The visitors had their lunch with villagers of Pomalapada village.


The work of E-Siksha was started in four sections of Jammu division


Shri Anil Jain from Nashville Tennessee visited IVD at Shikharji/Parasnath


Vanyatra by AIFTP and International Human Rights Council

On 5th June, All India Federation of Tax Practioner of North East Zone (AIFTP) and Internationa Human Rights Council of Gawhati unit visited 25 Ekal Vidyalayas of Sirajule sanch of Panvadi tea estate. They distributed School bags, Water bottles and Tiffin boxes to 600 children. The visitors enjoyed the local folk dances Jumur, Sanvra and Behu.
AIFTP North East Zone President Shri Sanjay Surekhaannounced that he would support 10 Ekal Vidyalayas.


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