Newsletter March 2017

Magic Earthern Lamp - Bond between Ekal and supporters

A magic earthen lamp was gifted to Smt.Manju Ji- one of the founder members of Ekal Abhiyanby Chattisgarh- Dantewada Anchal students. Ekal strives to preserve the individual identity of tribal, by valuing their authentic skills and expertise.The flame of the lamp and the love of Ekal children continue to burn in the heart of Ekal Volunteer and guardian. The bond of connectivity between educated urban class and the far-flung rural tribal brethren is being well established.


7 days training in home remedies

7 days Arogya Masters training in home remedies was given to coordinators from various states, under the guidance and support of Arogya Foundation of India in Coimbatore. The trainees expressed their satisfaction about the quality of knowledge being imparted and also the hospitality of the local karyakarta and chapter members. The training was followed by NEC (National Executive Committee) meeting presided by its chairman Padmashree Dr Krishnakumar. It was reported in NEC that there are 28 Arogya Resource Centres currently serving Indian people which will be increased to 34 next year. A Shraddanjali  for Dr.Satish Kumar (who was instrumental in designing the current Arogya model for AFI) was performed, remembering his pivotal contribution in alleviating the sufferings of the not-so-privileged, rural tribal brethren, by giving them knowledge about the effective use of herbs that grow in their own vicinity.


Ekal partners with CII - india @75 initiative - a nationwide cleanliness campaign

Ekal has joined hands with the Confederation of India Industry (CII) in their nation-wide cleanliness campaign under their India@75 Initiative. India@75 is a path breaking initiative of CII which envisions how India should be in her 75th year of independence. CII initiated a Nation-Wide Voluntary week, to encourage every Indian to volunteer in nation building exercise. National Voluntary Week (NVW) was held from 18th to 24th January 2017. Ekal, with their far-flung rural connectivity and hill tribe connectivity -- which has been well established over the years---, has been providing the much needed grass root level support.


Houston chapter President's visit

The one day visit by the Houstan Ekal Chapter President Mr.Pankaj Desai and his wife visited Charanwadi village of the Palghar district in Maharashtra on Jan 12, 2017 was memorable. Mr.&Mrs. Desai also visited Gramothan project. Imparting basic skills in language and vocabulary, basic skills in mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division have been the core objectives of Ekal, well supported by the encouraging demonstration of students in these skills. The fact that the Ekal has been doing yeomen service in uplifting the rural students to the global outreach by modern innovative methods has been very well highlighted by visiting philanthropists who in turn might become brand ambassadors of Ekal at a world level.


Visit to Ekal school near Mathura by Nisha Garg

Nisha Garg along with her family appreciated the warm welcome and enjoyed meeting the children and the adult coordinators. She expressed her interest in supporting the school directly and arranged for all the donations received in her father’s name to be made to the Ekal organization. 


A trip to Ekal village in Kerala by Maya and Jay Rao

Maya and Jay Rao visited Ekal village in Kerala in June 2016. Commuting the mountainous curvy roads, and circumventing the beehives, huge ant-hills, they reached the school. Students, of course, sat on the floor while learning. After a while, they gave the students- pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc. which the students happily received. They became emotional when the students asked their names and wished them good luck. They were inspired and wanted to provide better learning environment for the students.


Ekal Learning Yatra - December 2016

In the Ekal plethora of work, Ekal Learning Yatra to Nanakmatta Sanch in Udham Singh Nagar district on 24th December 2016 has much significance because it increases the Ekal Movement as a whole, by bringing in more and more committed sevaks into its stream. Ekal Acharyas have been given tablets to assist them in their disseminating knowledge to the rural poor. Ekal’s Poshan Vatika Scheme, which focuses on reduction of malnutrition and anemia in the rural women, has been a grand design as it combines the growth of various nutritious vegetables at an affordable cost in their own backyard. The chemical free compos that can be generated through kitchen and plant waste and the use of the same in agricultural field has been well showcased by Ekal. The evil effects of alcohol has also been show-cased in videos to the students through the use of tablets that have been already given to Ekal Acharyas, so that in the long run a positive social impact is achieved in eliminating alcoholism from the rural poor.


Kanpur chapter vanayatra

In Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad Kanpur Chapter’s Vanyatra was memorable.  Volunteers, guests and donors were divided into six teams and visited 12 vidyalayas. The programme was highly impressive enough to create more and more positive response from donors and the public.


Vanayatra to Raysen Anchal by FTS Bhopal Chapter

FTS Bhopal chapter Mahila samethi members along with general members and donors conducted vanyatra on 22nd December to Raysen Anchal, village Mandeki Anchal Ekal Vidyalaya. A warm welcome was given by the villagers. Chocolates and sweets were distributed to children, full time workers, and teachers. Visitors were very happy and were impressed by the children’s knowledge, health and social awareness, patriotism and sacraments and every one promised to support Ekal Vidyalaya in all possible ways.


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