Newsletter May 2022

Successful Ekal Boston event

"It's the time to disco" with Dincheck  - the Boston event was amazing and completely sold out. The audience loved the interactive environment and dancing . The band not only did the event for free but also donated for a school. Boston raised a decent amount from new donors, a great revival after 2 years.


3rd Ekal Yuva AGM

3rd Ekal Yuva Annual General Body was conducted on 16th April in Surat. Out of the 16 chapters, 13 were present who showcased their work done. The National presentation included chapter working which explained importance of the use of correct logos and letter heads, membership forms, reporting and accounting systems, annual calendar to be followed and a vision is set for the forthcoming years -

GRC: Global sales and branding of Ekal Haldi  - 50 tons per annum. School bags manufacturing at silai centers - 25 lakhs

Ekal Vidyalaya : making each pragat sanch equipped with e-shiksha (tabs). Yuva shall facilitate training and technical support

Ekal Arogya: Yoga training in cities and villages. increase telemedicine & nutrition garden reach

Ekal Sanskar : promotion of app to achieve 100k downloads. Regular Sanskar classes for Ekal kids

Formation of Ekal Yuva and Ekal kids in all FTS chapters.

Create a common global platform through the Ekal Pariwar app

Create a strong media team to glorify true heritage of Bharat


Ek Sham Ekal Ke Naam by FTS, Kanpur

Ekal Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad, Kanpur Chapter, organized the annual function program 'Ek Sham Ekal Ke Naam' on 10 April 2022 at Kanpur Medical College auditorium. Ekal song by Ekal children was presented very beautifully through theatrical art.


Vastra Dhaan by Ekal Yuva, Vadodara

In pursuit of helping those in need, Ekal Yuva Vadodara has come up with a thoughtful endeavor of "Vastra Daan". For further details on where and how to send your old/unused/untorn clothes, please get in touch with the team of Ekal Yuva Vadodara.Your one small contribution can make someone in need smile.


Sale of Gramothan products by FTS Mahila, Telangana

Telangana Mahila Samiti participated in the ever so popular exhibition Deep Mela which was held on 25, 26, 27 March 2022. Ekal Gramothan Yojna products such as Haldi, Ghee, Mustard Oil, Jaggery and a variety of pickles were on display and available for sale.
There were over a 100 walk-in customers visiting the stall and they were educated about the workings of Ekal.
There were many who were interested to buy the products in future, some wanted to do Ekal VanYatra. School donations also were promised by few.


Training on Automobile Service

Training of trainees who came from different states to take training on Automobile Motorcycle Mechanic in Swarna Bharati, Hyderabad Chapter through Ekal Gramotthan Yojana has been completed. The certificate distribution program was graced  by Shri Uday Khardekar, Shri Rajendra Ekka, Dr. T K N Chari, Ekal Canada,  Shri Shashi Kumar, Shri Krishna - Shri D V N Rao,  Shri Suresh and Shri Vinay Pandey.


Ekal- Restoring Humanity

Vineet Saraogi Bangalore

lt was my first visit to an Ekal Village (Villages where Ekal has empowered Primary Education by the simple policy of ‘learn while playing’) on January 1, 2022.
I had traveled to Hanugud Sanch at the Hebbala Village in Mysore District, Karnataka. It is a government run school classroom which was being used by Ekal. I met with a young boy named ‘Shekhar’ (around 20-year-old) who was instructing a class full of children.
On discussing with him, I found that he was pursuing his graduation 2nd year in the nearby town, and he used to conduct these classes in his evening free time. 
There was a methodology which he followed and the children were very gleeful and were enjoying the whole activity. Children were from various age groups from about 6 years to up to 14 years, all learning and playing together.


Canada couple visit Ekal village

Smt Sheetal Gupta and Shri Santosh Gupta from Canada visited Naglapegaon villege of Govardhan sanch accompanied by Smt Archana Mathur, Shri Vijaysethi, Shri Devendra, Shri Anoop, Smt Shalini, Shri Gopal, Shri Babu Lal on 22 March 2022.


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