Newsletter October 2020

Ekal Virtual US National Conference 11 to 13, September, 2020

Ekal USA organized its first Virtual Conference on the weekend of Sep 11, 12 , 13.

Ekal is a large grassroots organization that relies heavily on its volunteers for success. The volunteers gather each year at the Ekal USA national conference to discuss the issues and hear from the Ekal leadership team in India. This year the Pandemic transformed the conference into a virtual one. This provided a great opportunity for volunteers from other countries including India, Australia and Canada to join the conference. Over 700 volunteers registered for the conference.

One of the highlights of the conference was a virtual tour of Ekal villages and Skill training centers in different parts of the country.

GRANE, a new initiative where there is a plan to bring E-Commerce activity to the villages so that new economic opportunities can be brought to the villages. It is hoped that these opportunities will make Ekal self-sustaining. A group of Young Professionals from the US and India are working on this initiative under the leadership of Vivek Sharma, an entrepreneur from Boston. Long time supporters of Ekal applauded the initiative.

A parallel youth conference was also run where Ekal Youth Leaders - Students from Schools and Colleges gathered to formulate the youth initiative.

Ekal looks forward to scaling its efforts with the help of the volunteers from all around the globe.

The conference was kick started with Diya lighting followed by opening remark by Shri Suresh Iyer. The whole online event was anchored by Smt Ranjani Saigal


Presentation by chapters

Florida, South East, Mid-atlantic, Mid-atlantic B, New England / Newyork, Mid-west, Central, South-west and Pacific 


Presentation by Canada team


Presentation by Australian team


Presentation by Indian team


Virtual tour to Ekàl Gramothan centers and Arogya centers

led by Shri Lalan Kumar Sharma and Shri Mukhul Bhatia


Day 1 concluding session


Day 2 - Strategic planning - Ekal India team led by Shri Bajrang Bagra

Diya lighting by DIY volunteers, Rama Stuti followed by question and answers by Shri Hasmukh, Shri Suresh and Shri Jawahar


Treasurer's report by Shri Subhash

Fundraising overview by Shri Tushar followed by question and answers


''Ekal making a difference'', inspirational keynote by Shri Saumitra Gokhale

Corporate keynote by Shri Bhaskar Panigrahi followed by question and answers


Presentation by Shri Prakash shah and team - event Committee


Presentation by Shri Kamlesh and team on Gala


Indi art and other projects

All female team - from New England - Ms Anu Upeneja, Ms Latha krishnan and others


Ekàl Technology roadmap

Shri Viral Patel and team


Event online!


GRANE - Gramothan Sustainability

Shri Vivek and Shri Shyam 


Inspirational Panelists from USA

Shri Ajay Poddar, Shri Bharat Agrawal and Smt Uma Agrawal, Shri Vijay Dalal and Smt Asha Dalal, Shri Aadish Jain and Smt Asha Jain, Shri Mulpuri Rao, Dr Shachi Rattan and Smt Neelam, Shri BU Patel, Shri Ajay Keshap, Shri Manubhai Shah, Smt Rika, Shri Umesh, Shri Vinod Junjunwala, Shri Dilipbhai, Shri Kishore and Smt Kalpana Fruitwala.


Inspirational Panelists from India

Smt Neha Mittal, Shri Ramesh Saraogi, Shri Surendra Jindal, Shri Naresh kumar, Shri Neeraj Raizada


Virtual tour of Gramothan activities

Ekal on Wheels, skill training centers, Arogya activities and schools.


Day 3 - Diya lighting by DIY volunteers


Board members - outgoing and incoming


Strategic plan for Ekàl USA till the end of 2021

Shri Suresh Iyer, followed by question and answers 


Steam workshops

Ms Prajna Khisty


Media outreach - social and digital media


Youth team and their future plans

Ms Prajna's leadership has brought so many youths - nationwide, under one National Ekal umbrella, giving them opportunity to work towards the cause they can connect with on Ekal’s platform. It was such a proud moment to see the impact, progress and ideas pouring from all these amazing youths!


Youth conference

48 participants


Ekal Youth Leaders


Ekal Foundation's ''International Conference'' - Total Game Changer

 - Prakash Waghmare

Ekal Foundation's ("EVF") "International Conference" in mid-September was a total game changer. Having reached the target of 100,000 schools in rural-tribal districts, it resolved to put a temporary freeze on school expansion and embark on unprecedented lateral development in those 100,000 villages. This is going to be the most ambitious venture in terms of scope and innovative ideas, in Ekal's history.


Sunehre Sur - virtual concert by Friends of Tribal Society

Ekal India’s first ever fund raising free virtual concert  *Sunehre Sur* on 19th September 2020, was a grand success at every level. It was a fabulous musical treat down the melody lane. The donors response was just overwhelming - 3.5 crores raised in 3 -1/2 hours through live interactive concert.


Sunehre Sur reaches Ekal villages


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