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Ekal Online Math Bee 2023

  • Saturday

  • Sep 30, 2023

  • 01:00 pm

  • USA

Ekal Online Math Bee 2023

Sep 30, 2023


01:00 pm - 03:30 pm

The 2023 Ekal Online Math Bee is here! Anya Gupta, Zubin Gupta and Sudar Meyappan are holding  Ekal Vidyalaya's third virtual math competition for students in grades 1-8.  The competition is split into four levels based on grade level, with each level taking different tests:

Level 1: Grades 1-2
Level 2: Grades 3-4
Level 3: Grades 5-6
Level 4: Grades 7-8

The first and second place winners from each grade level will be awarded prizes!

The competition will consist of a single round. It will contain 25 short answer questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. All answers will be integers. Registration is $10.

Sample problems can be found here

About the Teachers: Anya Gupta, Zubin Gupta and Sudar Meyappan are the brains behind "Ekal Online Math Bee 2023". For their bios, visit

Contact: If you have any questions, email Sudar, Anya & Zubin at