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Digital Literacy Training Center

In the 21st century, with technology making great inroads into every walk of life in India, Digital Literacy provides huge opportunities.The Digital Literacy training centers run short-term courses that allow graduates to get a basic understanding of word processing, spreadsheets, accounting software and the Internet. Graduates not only are able to apply for jobs at government offices but also are able to run Internet cafes to help others. This provides for good income earning opportunities.


* 3 month program
* Graduates can earn up to Rs. 15,000/ month
* Graduates become entrepreneurs and run government certified Computer Service Center
* Graduates get certified by the IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials group

Currently there are 11 Digital Literacy training centers.  We have over 1400 youth  who have received digital literacy training in the past 3 years.

Donation Needed – $30,000

Rural youth are very disadvantaged because they have no knowledge of computers. Even though they may have graduated from high school, their lack of familiarity with computers disqualifies them. The Ekal  digital literacy centers have been a big boon to the Rural areas. 
                                                                             Jagdamba Kumari, Facilitator, Jarangloi, Odisha


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