E-Shiksha - Teaching With Tablets

E-Shiksha - Teaching With Tablets


Tablets provide an unique opportunity to increase the breadth and depth of the curriculum provided at Ekal Schools. Using tablets in the schools helps bring digital literacy to children at a very young age.


  • The tablet program is implemented at cluster (group of 30 villages) level
  • Each school is given four tablets
  • Good curated content from different sources are presented using the tablets
  • Trainers train teachers on effectively using the tablets

Pilot Project Outcomes

  • Children are excited about coming to school and using the tablets
  • Teacher training is also uploaded onto the tablets. Teachers are able to use the training content to improve their teaching
  • Special curriculum on health, hygiene and topics specific to women helps bring added value to the learning in the schools

Donation Needed: $15,000/30 Villages (One Time)

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