E-Shiksha ("e-education") is an innovative initiative to incorporate tablets and digital learning in Ekal's 100,000+ single-teacher primary schools.

Tablets bring high-quality, personalized learning to every student, no matter where they live.

Our Impact

E-Shiksha is active in 1,170 Ekal schools across India.

  • 1,170

    Ekal schools have access to digital literacy

  • 36,000

    Students are learning with tablets

  • 100,000

    Ekal schools will use E-Shiksha by 2025

  • $15,000

    Funds E-Shiksha in 30 schools

Data as of January 2021


The Power of Education Technology

E-Shiksha enables underserved students in India's remotest villages to access quality education.

Fun, educational curriculum

Interactive lessons engage students in hands-on learning

Offline delivery

Tablets can be used without Internet access, reaching students in the remotest villages

Bridging the digital divide

Students learn how to use tablets, gaining digital literacy

The Curriculum

E-Shiksha compliments Ekal's existing curriculum, providing interactive audio-visual material and digital learning.

From counting games to animated stories, tablets make learning fun, bringing the best of education technology to millions of rural students.

Tablets are loaded with many fun and engaging features, including educational videos, poems and short stories, English and Hindi language practice, math games, and more.

Support our work to innovate rural education today

Your financial support helps us provide quality education to under-resourced students in India's remotest villages.

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