Newsletter July 2004

Sangeet Sandhya

A concert tour is being organized by the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA in different regions. Two renowned artists, Shri Sushil Baweja (Singer) & Shri Ashok Pandey (Tabla Maestro) from India, are currently touring USA from June 4th, 2004. They have presented their program in the East, Northeast & Southeast and will be presenting programs in different parts of USA including Chicago area.

Sushil Baweja, is a truly creative, versatile, Classical & Semi-Classical Singer. Ashok Pandey, Tabla Maestro has received the title of Sangeet Prabhakar & Sangeet Martand. Shri Ashokji has accompanied many famous artists & has played tabla for popular TV serials, such as Ramayana, Shri Krishna & popular Z-TV weekly program 'Sa Re Ga Ma'.


Bonding Perennial

2nd Nov,2003. It was early morning when all the vanyatris proceeded towards Dantashira village in the district of Sundergarh to visit an ekal vidyalaya. Among the thirty children performing various programmes to welcome the guests from the towns, there was one who stood tall. Out of sheer will power this boy was participating in all the items inspite of not having both feet. This moved each and everyone present but most of all Shri Dhananjoy Tapkir from Angul He found out the name of the boy & his parents from one of the karyakartas. As the function was nearing its end he took permission from the convenor to speak a few words. He said very simply & clearly that he would like to help the child get well. After a few months of the vanyatra coming to an end, Shri Tapirkar contacted us in February 2004. He asked us to get the child to Angul where some reputed doctors would be coming. Persevering with his efforts he managed to ultimately get the child walking on his own with artificial limbs. This raises the question in our minds as to what is it that binds two people living in such diverse circumstances to feel for each other.


Ekalvidya Website

The new ekalvidya website: or incorporates a host of features not available on the earlier site. We propose to get you acquainted with its numerous features one by one through a regular column on the Ekal News. One of the fresh features is 'Ekal Highlights'. On the home page, a link called Ekal highlights appears on the right side. This link incorporates the latest information important to the Ekal vidyalaya movement to keep everyone updated.


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