Telemedicine-Enhanced Arogya is a community health program that provides rural villages with critical medical services and health education.

Through telemedicine and preventative health trainings, TEA gives people living without sufficient healthcare resources the information and support to thrive.

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Our Impact

Arogya Resource Centers serve remote rural and tribal villages across India.

  • 39

    Arogya Resource Centers (ARC)

  • 04

    ARC with Telemedicine Facility

  • 1,170+

    Villages have access to an ARC

  • 1.7 million

    Rural villagers have access to healthcare

  • $50,000

    Funds health services in 30 villages for 3 years

Data as of January 2021

Arogya Resource Center (ARC)

ARC with Telemedicine Facility

The Power of Preventative Healthcare

TEA not only provides people in rural villages with top-level care; it also teaches how to prevent illness and promote wellness for long-term, lasting impact.

Within three years, TEA has powerful results:

  • Improved hygienic habits in children
  • Increased use of safe drinking water
  • Increase in number and use of toilets
  • Significant reduction in the spread of water-borne diseases
  • Treatment of women and children with anemia
  • Use of soak and compost pits for safe disposal of waste

A Women-Led Healthcare Revolution

TEA works by training local women to be community health workers, called Arogya Sevikas. Arogya Sevikas serve their local community, providing on-the-ground resources and connecting patients to doctors via telemedicine.

Arogya Sevikas are able to charge affordable costs for their services. This means that in addition to providing rural villages with healthcare, TEA is also empowering women healthcare entrepreneurs.

Health Initiatives

Health & Hygiene

Providing trainings on filtered drinking water, safe disposal of degradable waste, and healthy hygiene practices


Treating and preventing anemia through an innovative mobile test kit, nutrition counseling, and iron supplements


Connecting ill patients to doctors through video conferencing for prescriptions and treatment

Reproductive Health

Encouraging the use of sanitary napkins and providing information on family planning


Stressing the importance of vaccination and helping villages access government-provided vaccines

Disease Prevention

Providing information on common diseases and planting medicinal herbs to cure common ailments


Preventing malnutrition through nutrition counseling and planting nutritious family gardens

Mobile Eye Clinic

Connecting people in villages to innovative treatments and surgeries for eye-related problems

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